Elisa CSI Security Engagements: 3-4 weeks workshops

Elisa Oyj

Elisa can offer its customers four different security workshops through Cybersecurity Incentives Program (CSI). In workshops customers learn about the products and get recommendations on next steps.

Elisa is part of Microsoft's Cybersecurity Incentives Program (CSI). Utilizing CSI program Elisa has a way to offer customers a review and planning service on Microsoft's security products. After the engagements customers have understanding on the benefits of different Microsoft Security Products and recommendations on the next steps.

Microsoft may fund Cybersecurity Incentives Engagements for some of it's customers. The eligibility will always be checked by Elisa before claiming the engagement.

The possible four engagements are:

  • Microsoft Sentinel Engagement
  • Data Security Engagement
  • Threat Protection engagement
  • Cybersecurity Assessment

In these engagements Microsoft's workshop concept and materials are used.

In Microsoft Sentinel Engagement customer will learn how Microsoft Sentinel helps organizations use intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence to detect and quickly stop active threats and create customer intent for deploying and adopting Microsoft Sentinel.

Data Security Engagement is designed to create clear understanding of deploying and adopting Microsoft Purview solutions.

The Cybersecurity Assessment is designed to evaluate a customer's cybersecurity posture and reduce their risk exposure by using advanced Microsoft Security products: Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management, Secure Score, Microsoft Purview for Information Protection Content Explorer and Insider Risk.

The Threat Protection Engagement is designed to create understanding of deploying advanced Microsoft Security products, including Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender.

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