Microsoft Viva Goals: 12-Wk Proof of Concept

Enabling Technologies Corporation

Stay on track with your vision and strategy with Microsoft Viva Goals

Amidst a constantly changing environment, leaders are seeing to grow their businesses and retain customers while employees are being challenged to adapt to shifting workplace priorities and resource constraints.  Setting the right goals, ensuring accountability, and getting real-time insights, helps leaders and teams take their priorities from strategy to execution.  

Microsoft Viva Goals will help your team achieve goals by aligning your objectives with your organization's vision and strategy.  With Microsoft Viva Goals, you can use proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework to define, track, and measure your objectives and key results, and see how they contribute to the bigger picture.  

Our 12-week proof of concept will enable you to prove real value by trialing Microsoft Viva Goals in your own environment.  The agenda for the Proof of Concept is as follows:

Week 1-4: Planning, including gaining alignment from key business decision makers, envision and discuss top scenarios and goals, agree on proof of concept decisions.

Week 5-8: Enable, turn on Microsoft Viva Goals and enable select users in addition to goal-setting and management guidance, including training and OKR best practices.

Week 9-12: Summarize key learnings and results, along with building a plan and defining next steps to improve employee experience.

Whether you want to increase productivity, improve performance, or foster a culture of excellence, Viva Goals can help you get there.


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