Dynamics 365 for Sales: 3-Day Implementation

Encore Business Solutions

*A rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 for Sales, with some light customization.*

Do you need a quick implementation of Dynamics 365 for Sales? Encore has the answer: we call it "SwiftRM". Our process provides a ready-to-use Dynamics 365 for Sales environment, with some personalization. ### Agenda **Plan & Define** Utilize our quick and easy-to-use self-guided assessment survey to select the key fields and other personalizations you require. These are above and beyond our basic functionality to meet your desired solution set up. **Handover** Submit your assessment survey to Encore experts for review of your unique requirements; and start the clock on your 3-day delivery! **Configuration** Encore’s CRM specialists apply our methodology to configure your solution by combining your specifications with our must have out-of-the-box functionality to create the ultimate relationship management platform for your organization. **Delivery & Rollout** Now designed and configured to your specifications, Encore releases your personalized environment carefully tailored for your business. Time for training! ### Deliverables: Encore will perform the following activities to implement Dynamics 365 for Sales: * Meet virtually to perform a quick requirements analysis * Implement the Contacts & Accounts modules * Implement the Leads & Opportunities modules * Add 5 custom fields to each of the Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities Modules * Create 1 Custom Entity with 10 Custom Fields * Deploy activity tracking and the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook * Provide new-user training and on-boarding
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