Evergreen Change & Adoption: 12mth Managed Service

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Establish an evergreen change model to leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 over a 12 month period

Most businesses today have a strategic focus increasing the use of cloud and SaaS solutions which are evergreen. While this brings many benefits, it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change within the Microsoft 365 platform. This is where our Adoption Change Management & Evergreen services come in. Together, we’ll help you maximise and absorb existing functionality in the platform, while also proactively planning for upcoming changes on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Over a 12 month engagement, we will work with you to:

  • Continue to support adoption of existing features
  • Establish a governance & evergreen change model to support adoption of new features

**By forming a partnership with your business, we will help you:

  • Define an evergreen change operating model
  • Establish a series of monthly and quarterly change management, business analysis and adoption activities – to help keep up with demand to use Microsoft 365 for more advanced use cases across the business
  • Provide direct access to product and technology experts across our business and partner ecosystem

Expected out comes:

  • Clearly defined evergreen change operating model
  • Enhanced business engagement and support model
  • Improved access to adoption metrics & insights
  • Increased ROI on core collaboration apps

This service is offered as a monthly retainer giving you the flexibility to leverage our expertise beyond Office 365 initiatives; and ensure a consistent approach to adoption & change management.

The timeline for this engagement is 12 months, with some activities (e.g. roadmap monitoring & reporting and planning & alignment strategy sessions) occurring at regular intervals across the year.

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