Viva Engage Launch: 12-Wk Implementation

Engage Squared

The Viva Engage launch engagement is designed to support organisations who want to launch Viva Engage into their organisation to foster a connected and inclusive workplace culture.

The adoption of an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) like Viva Engage is pivotal for modern work. It acts as a bridge, connecting the workforce in a dynamic and interactive environment. It’s not just about communications, it's an opportunity to enhance knowledge sharing, foster a sense of community and encourage collaboration between employees and leaders alike.

During this engagement we showcase the art of the possible with Viva Engage and share insights on how you can harness the power of an Enterprise Social Network to transform employee engagement. Together we’ll unpack the challenges and pain points you’re facing today, identify opportunities and prioritise use cases to support a more connected and engaged workforce.

Using a three-step approach, we’ll enable your organisation to launch Viva Engage into your organisation.

Phase 1. Prepare

    We’ll begin by undertaking a series of discovery activities to understand your objectives, current state and vision for implementing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN).

Phase 2. Deliver

    Taking our findings, we’ll support you to configure and implement Viva Engage in line with your project objectives, community architecture, and governance recommendations.

Phase 3. Sustain

    To support ongoing growth and success of your Viva Engage Network we’ll support you to implement activities that can help drive ongoing adoption of the platform.

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