Power BI Interactive Infographics: 1-Hr Assessment

Enlighten Designs Ltd

We'll set you on the path to understanding the future of storytelling through beautifully powerful infographics.

As a founding co-collaborator of Microsoft’s Data Journalism program, Enlighten Designs is uniquely positioned to help you uncover the scope of Power BI and Publish-to-Web functionality to amplify your corporate communications in a way that resonates with your audience.

We have collaborated with global media organizations and brands, including The Associated Press, Vox Media and WIRED, to deliver data in beautiful, easily digestible infographics.

We know that visual content is up to 40x more likely to engage your audiences and be shared with others. Delivering your data through visually engaging storytelling can establish your organization as a thought leader in your field and build your brand.

Our experience includes the creation of interactive visuals for breaking news, Emmy-award winning live election coverage, enterprise-level PR initiatives, customized business intelligence solutions, and Power BI Custom Visuals.

You can trust us to share with you our 'secret sauce' that includes using Power BI to build data stories with high impact and real meaning for audiences worldwide.


  • How we use Power BI + Publish-To-Web to create engaging digital experiences consumers love.
  • Data storytelling - identify the stories, data, audiences and outcomes you want to achieve with the creation of a customized, interactive infographic.


Quote for a customized interactive infographic.

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