Modernize Business Apps: 4-Week Implementation

Enlighten Designs Ltd

Modernize your business apps and reduce your workplace administration

Businesses are being pressured to transform rapidly; build more sustainable supply chains; meet responsibility and compliancy practices - and all while doing more with less.

We can show you how to implement Office 365's Power Apps and Power Automate to remove the admin clog between your departments; rapidly prototype improved processes; modernize your security and finally retire those legacy apps that no longer serve your needs.

Why Enlighten?

As Managed Microsoft Gold partners, we’re equipped with the best Microsoft technology platforms, innovation and software to deliver across New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world. Our mission consists of three interconnected parts: our love of technology, passion for people, and belief in sustainable prosperity.

What you can expect

Weeks 1-2

First-hand insight for managers and IT team on how Power Apps and Power Automate's low code capabilities can rapidly transform the majority of your internal business processes.

A completed business apps discovery and recommendations, consisting of:

  • Audit of legacy business apps
  • Prioritised backlog of improvement opportunities
  • Recommended governance, security, integration and design guideline to suit specific needs
  • Recommended programme of work consisting of two-weekly business app release cycles, for your team to view, test and continuously refine.

Weeks 3-4

  • Business app release cycle
  • Option to upskill your teams to become more proficient with hands-on training and professional guidance via our Power Apps In A Day Workshop.

At a glance