Epiq Mergers and Acquisitions Risk Reduction

Epiq Global

Identify and exclude sensitive information from being migrated during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) data discovery and migration projects.

During mergers and acquisitions, organizations may need to move data around between the newly created entities as employees and resources are split between the two and/or brought into the new organization. This data migration process can be complex, particularly if the divested entity needs to continue operations and needs access to the necessary data, while other data needs to be excluded to prevent any potential legal or regulatory issues. Effective management of data during merger/ acquisition is crucial for the success of the newly formed entities.

What we deliver: We help our clients identify and exclude sensitive information from being migrated to a newly divested company. This is necessary when employees working on projects that will stay with the original company want to take all their data with them, but certain data needs to stay within the organization from a regulatory point of view.

• Identify data that cannot be migrated during mergers & acquisitions (M&A) data discovery and migration projects. Specify which data can and cannot be taken by employees joining the new company. • Provide the means to review the identified data, ensuring compliance with regulations and intellectual property agreements. • Work with the seller of the company to control the data and supports M&A, legal, compliance, and IT teams involved in the process. • Implement a process to review and exclude non-migratable data, ensuring it remains with the original company while allowing employees to take permissible data. • Enable clients using Microsoft 365 to utilize Microsoft Purview eDiscovery Premium for a faster start. • Epiq is able to support clients across all industries, handling both cloud and on-premises data.

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