Epiq Microsoft Purview Separated Employee Defensibility

Epiq Global

Mitigate the potential risks associated with departing employees, ensuring a secure and legally compliant transition while safeguarding sensitive Microsoft 365 data with Microsoft Purview.

In the modern workplace, organizations face a complex and convoluted process when separating employees, leading to potential data loss due to automated workflows deleting data or recycling physical devices containing critical information subject to regulatory hold or litigation hold. Separating employees may carry valuable knowledge and sensitive data with them to competitors or unauthorized parties, potentially harming the company's intellectual property and competitive advantage. In the worst case scenario, separating employees pose a security risk, as disgruntled or careless individuals might engage in malicious activities like data theft, leading to financial losses and reputational damage.

With our consulting services, you can confidently navigate employee separations with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Purview while protecting your data and ensuring compliance. Epiq’s diverse skill set across forensics, information governance, and legal services, makes us uniquely qualified to tackle a complex scenario such as departing employees and deliver a comprehensive and trusted solution.

Overview of services: • Develop strategies, aligning with legal guidelines, to prevent data loss during disposal. • Use advanced tools like Microsoft Purview to monitor and address risks in employee departures. • Investigate suspicious actions, analyze user activities, and address unauthorized data handling.

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