Epiq Flex IG Talent for Microsoft Purview

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Epiq Flex IG Talent is here to provide it clients with flexible talent surrounding Microsoft Purview eDiscovery, Information Governance, Compliance and Archiving.

Modern cloud collaboration places a paramount emphasis on data security and compliance, which can be enabled with Microsoft Purview. It's a common challenge for many organizations to lack the in-house expertise needed to effectively navigate these critical aspects. We recognize that maintaining a full-time, in-house team of professionals with specialized knowledge in Microsoft Purview may not always be practical.

Fleg IG Talent addresses this challenge head-on by acting as the bridge between your organization's cloud collaboration objectives and the expertise required to ensure data security and compliance. Through our partnership, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts with years of experience in managing data security and compliance within Microsoft Purview environments. This ensures that you can prioritize harnessing the full potential of modern cloud collaboration, while protecting and managing your data.

Epiq has decades of experience, hundreds of global clients, deep business partner relationships, and a strong command of the industry’s best practices. We stand out as the talent partner of choice due to our extensive experience with large and complex organizations together with our certifications in top information governance, compliance, and eDiscovery technologies.

• Overcoming budget constraints: As global legal and compliance requirements continue to impact your business; budget constraints shouldn't hinder your progress. Our flexible hiring options provide access to top-tier talent without the need for full-time hires. Get the expertise you require, precisely when you need it. • Tailored experts for specific projects: In an rapidly evolving field, we offer specialized talent for projects with defined timelines. Whether it's a short-term endeavor or an extended initiative, our skilled professionals ensure success within your set duration. Enjoy the freedom to transition them into your team without hiring fees after just 12 months. • Specialized skill matchmaking: In a rapidly evolving landscape, finding the right expertise can be a challenge. Our extensive network and industry knowledge ensure you're connected with professionals possessing the exact skills you require. We deliver the precise skill set your project demands.

Flex Information Governance Talent makes it easy for companies to leverage Epiq's industry leading expertise and resources surrounding Microsoft Purview eDiscovery, Information Governance, Compliance and Archiving. We are able to tailor project timelines to suit your preferences, spanning from a single week to several months. Epiq offers both full-time and part-time resourcing options, ensuring flexibility to match your requirements - helping you transform with a Microsoft 365 modern digital workplace and Microsoft Purview. Moreover, Epiq excels in rapidly expanding resource capacity to align with evolving project needs, enabling you to scale seamlessly.

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