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Power BI solutions empower organisations to transform data into compelling and actionable insights. With Power BI, utilise the potential of data to enable informed and data-driven decision

In the era of data-driven decision-making, businesses are realising the immense power of their data. With the right set of tools and expertise, businesses can convert raw data into actionable insights, fostering innovation and operational optimisation to gain a competitive edge.

Our Power BI offering isn't just analytics; it's empowerment. Microsoft Power BI, an innovative business intelligence tool empowers you to dive deep into your data, visualise it comprehensively, and extract insights for intelligent decisions. The intuitive interface and robust capabilities of Power BI provide you with control to uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities that were previously hidden.

Choosing Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Power BI services provides you with the opportunity of teaming up with experts who possess both technical expertise and a deep interest in your success. A track record of delivering powerful results and a passion for turning data into a strategic asset sets us apart as a trusted solutions provider. We convert our dedication to excellence by customising solutions according to your unique business needs.

About Workshop: We proudly offer our Power BI one-week workshop designed to demonstrate the advantages of incorporating Power BI into your operations. Collaborate with our experienced consultants to explore Power BI's functionalities, uncover its potential, and learn how to effectively integrate it with other applications.

During this session, our experts will guide you through Power BI's features, including data visualisation, interactive dashboards, and seamless data integration. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the power of Power BI to drive data-centric decisions, optimise operations, and achieve greater success.

The Key Deliverables of the One-week Power BI Consulting Session Include:

  • 2 Days - Discovery Workshop: Understanding your business along with your goals, challenges, and data sources.
  • 2 Days - Scoping and Solution: Designing customised Power BI solutions for your business based on discovery workshop insights.
  • 1 Day – Rundown solution with stakeholders and next steps.


  • Tailored Power BI solutions through a collaborative workshop
  • Expert guidance on licensing and implementation
  • Ongoing support for Power BI solution management

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage Power BI to achieve your business goals.

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