Express Dashboard: 2-Day Proof of Concept

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Express Dashboard to validate the applicability of Microsoft Power BI

Fast and efficient, our Express Dashboard makes your data speak and gives you access to unmatched industry expertise at a low cost to fuel your thinking and validate your decision.

You get an example of a dashboard that allows you to view your own data and answer all your questions about Power BI.


  • A one-hour telephone meeting is held so that we can understand what you would like to see as an example and ask you questions about the data to make sure we understand what you want.
  • In just a day, we develop a functional dashboard example from your data. This gives you a good idea of the possibilities offered by Power BI.
  • Then we go to your place and we show you the result and, for two hours, we answer all your questions about Power BI.
  • We then send you the example of the functional dashboard.

Effort: 14 hours (Teleconference, development, results presentation)

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