Power Platform Essentials Training: 1-Day Workshop

Fidelity Factory Inc.

A one-day training event for your team on how to design, build, and deploy Microsoft PowerApps Canvas Apps and Microsoft Flow Automations.

Training Overview

Our Essentials course goes beyond what is covered in 100 level sessions. All of the content in this course has been created by our team. This course will prepare you to build PowerApps and Microsoft Flow solutions for personal productivity or to tackle task / department level solutions.


Our training session covers important PowerApps and Microsoft Flow concepts such as:

  • Connecting to data sources like SharePoint and Azure SQL
  • Capturing media and images in your PowerApps
  • Building Apps for your business in both tablet and mobile form factors
  • How to automate workflows and processes in your organization using MS Flow

Labs Overview

A core part of our training is to train through presentation, demonstration, and lab work.

We feel that the lab work is an extremely valuable way for users to gain an understanding of the concepts and materials covered in the course.

Lab Scenario

Lab work will be focused on building a solution for managing the collection and automation of a safety reporting process. The Safety Officer is able to add remarks alongside each issue with their approval.


  • Lab 1: PowerApps Mobile App
  • Lab 2: MS Flow Approvals, Variables, and Loops
  • Lab 3: MS Flow Scheduled Automation for Summarizing Data

PowerApps Mobile App

  • Report issues form from mobile phone
  • Camera integration
  • SharePoint connector
  • Conditional logic (if/else)
  • Variables
  • Submit Data
  • GPS / Maps Integration

Microsoft Flow

  • Conditional logic
  • Switch case
  • Email
  • Approval
  • Time out and escalation
  • Schedule trigger
  • SharePoint trigger

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