On-Prem to Online Migration: 1-Hr Assessment


A Microsoft Pilot Program for smaller migrations: "OnPrem to Online(OP2OL) Factory". Accelerate your digital transformation with FastTrack for Dynamics 365.

Forceworks is engaged in a unique Microsoft Pilot effort to help customers who do not qualify for the Microsoft FastTrack migration program.

FastTrack is utilized for migrating on-premise versions of Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 to their equivalents in the cloud including Dynamics 365 Sales and/or Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

FastTrack provides assistance, including back-end tooling used by the Microsoft FastTrack team, to significantly reduce the cost, time and errors compared to a traditional manual migration project. However, due to the effort required by Microsoft, they have limited the FastTrack program availability to customers who have a combined annual cloud spend of **$300,000.00** or more.

However, working with the FastTrack team we have developed a pilot program, making the tooling available to select partners like us to use. This is the exact same tooling used by Microsoft's FastTrack team; it's just utilized by our team instead, minimizing Microsoft's efforts.

What this pilot program does is make the benefit of significantly reduced cost, time and errors available to companies of any size, with *no restrictions*.

How much time and cost? Based on our results and analysis, the typical migration project is saving about 1/3 in both cost and time compared to the traditional manual migration process. The migrations are also error-free.

This Assessment is offered by Forceworks Global. Led by a Microsoft MVP, Forceworks is a recognized global leader for Microsoft's Power Platform.

This is an informational assessment for Line of Business owners or Decision Makers, it is not tutoring for users. or a sales call.

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