Shape Your Power BI EndGame: 1-Day Workshop

Fresh BI

*Investing in a BI platform should not be your ultimate BI goal. This is a full-day session designed to guide you from your acquisition of Microsoft Power BI to a successful deployment of Power BI.*

FreshBI's 'Shape Your Power BI EndGame' is a workshop that covers our comprehensive solution fulfilment guidelines which can be broken down into the following categories. ### Agenda **First Steps:** The direction your company will take depends on its culture surrounding data and analytics. Producing a successful data driven environment requires a shift in this core aspect. **Build Your Team:** The next step is identifying roles that team members will play throughout our shift in culture. Having defined roles and intentions is key for an adequate culture shift. **Fulfilment:** Solution delivery, predictability, and security are the next fundamental elements required for a successful culture shift. Fulfilment is broken down into many essential parts, all of which are equally important. **Enablement:** After solutions have been deployed the focus moves toward continued growth and learning. Passing on tools and skills to users is what pushes the culture to the next level. **Advanced Analytics:** As you make the shift to a data-savvy, team work driven, enabled environment, the possibilities are endless. While our end users are producing the analytics they need, dedicated analysts can begin to dig into more advanced analytics. ### Deliverables **Desired Outcomes:** That you have the tools to influence your company to move toward being data-savvy and using factual information to support decision making. To gain an understanding of the key requirements for a successful BI environment. You will leave this workshop with a plan for execution.
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