Healthcare Data Interoperability: 4 Wks Workshop

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL Data Interoperability utilizes the trusted and integrated capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, enhancing collaboration, data driven decision-making, and operational efficiencies.

Integrate with an EMR/EHR with a Third-party [ Payor, Patient Portal, Provider Portal] via Azure FHIR API and adhering to CMS & ONC Mandate. CMS & ONC have mandates for all the service providers to expose their APIs and FHIR compliant for all the transactions. We offer FHIR workshops to enable our customers to be compliant with CMS & ONC mandates and FHIR consulting services [AS-IS & To-Be] based on our customer environment. We help our customers in Bi-Directional Data flows between EMR/EHR with Third-party systems [ Payor, Patient Portal, Provider portal, etc...] which is the future of all the FHIR transactions between Healthcare service providers.

Week 1 : Discuss current Interop CMS & ONC mandates landscape and understand HCL current solution framework and components. Identify high level use cases Understand Customer Environment and sign-off on getting POC’s aligned.

Week 2: Deep dive into HCL Interop framework leveraging Azure FHIR API architecture & main components. Create sample test data to validate. Add FHIR Testing tool to validate the FHIR resource Start developing on Use-case agreed on.

Week 3: EMR Integration & 3rd party Patient portal integration with Azure FHIR API Seek feedback on Interop framework solution, Discuss proposed Interop roadmap covering Provider & Payer and next steps. Complete POC development and Start testing.

Week 4: Change Management Sessions delivered so the client understands how the platform can be best adopted. Identify & establish next steps Demo to customer on POC and Sign-off

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