HCL Biz Apps - Power Automate Capability - 1 hour Premium Assessment

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Power Automate is a versatile automation platform that integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps and services, reducing manual tasks to increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate human error.

Often used hand in hand with Power Apps, Power Automate is all about automation of behind-the-scenes processes. This versatile tool integrated seamlessly with hundreds of apps and services, meaning that practically every possible manual process in your organization can be at least partially automated. When Power Automate was first launched, Microsoft referred to it as Flow because it was uniquely suited to simplify and automate business workflows. The newest feature of this intuitive and powerful tool is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – robotic process automation, also known as Desktop Flows, which is focused on reducing repetitive manual tasks, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and eliminating human error. Also relatively new to Power Automate – and the entire Power Platform for that matter – is the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) components have been added to the basic out-of-the-box functionality. This makes it so easy to do things like creating prediction models and implementing form extraction tools (extracting information from fields in a PDF, for example). AI was always an available add-on but having it as an included foundational element takes Power Automate and Power Platform to new levels of innovation potential.

Our Power Platform experts have worked with clients to build out a wide range of functionality, including bringing large volumes of records from Dynamics 365 into Power Apps, updating child records when a parent record is updated, creating automated tasks and assigning them to specific users, and uploading images from a mobile device to SharePoint, Azure blob storage, and similar systems.

Learn how you can take the entire Power Platform above and beyond in our “go further with Power Platform” interactive infographic. At HCL, our experts help clients get the most ROI out of their technology investment. Learn more here:

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