ERP Modernization: 3-Day Assessment


A successful ERP Modernization project begins with the right strategy. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts can help.

If you know you need to start a journey for your next-generation ERP, but don´t know where to start and when, we can help.

We see 4 main triggers that are the starting point for a new set of business applications responsible for the core processes of your company, formerly known as ‘ERP’: Strategy, Transformation, Cloud, Delivery. In the 3-day assessment, we discuss those in the context of your key business drivers for change.


  • ERP-related requirements coming from your digital agenda
  • current limitations of existing ERP landscape
  • areas for process improvements
  • key use cases for Advanced Analytics, Low-Code Apps, Automation
  • technical migration versus greenfield approach
  • HSO Project Methodology


  • high-level target landscape, integration scenarios and architecture
  • first outline of project setup, resources, time, budget
  • mapping your requirements to Microsoft technology and a detailed architecture.

As a result, you can envision your individual ERP transformation roadmap with Dynamics 365 and HSO.

At HSO, a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner in the category ‘Modernize Finance and Operations’, we have developed a project approach based on decades of experience in large, international ERP projects. The 3-day assessment is a proven way to get started.

** Please note: This offer includes a free discovery engagement period for qualified accounts. Additional workshops and associated services vary by customer and location.

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