Accelerate your sustainability journey with Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Solutions


We help our clients implement, customize, and integrate Microsoft Sustainability Manager and other solutions within the Azure Cloud to be ready to address successfully their sustainability journey.

Consumers who demand greater environmental commitment from brands, standards and regulations from different organizations as European Union CSRD and the search for a responsible and efficient operation have made sustainability a strategic priority for many companies.

Managing this strategy implies, among other things, being able to measure the carbon footprint, the level of waste and other dimensions of the business, for which it is necessary to integrate and exploit reliable information from the entire value chain. In short, measuring sustainability and defining objectives that allow adding the greatest possible value to the business.

As Microsoft Certified Partners, we help our customers implement, customize, and integrate the Microsoft Azure Cloud for Sustainability and Microsoft Sustainability Manager (MSM) as main solution to gain continuous visibility into their emissions, resource utilization, and impact over time, measure target compliance, and scale sustainability initiatives.


  • A more accurate recording of the emission and waste footprint of the entire value chain through direct data connections and automation.
  • Optimizes the process of gathering information, measuring goals and reporting, reducing associated costs.
  • Provides transparency and management over the entire value chain, from raw materials to product manufacturing and distribution.
  • It allows companies to improve profitability and obtain concrete benefits that boost business growth.

Our professional services include the following among other things:

  • A Discovery phase to fully understand your business requirements, sustainability goals, information sources, volume of information, organization structure and infrastructure and technology landscape to correctly configure and plan the implementation of the Microsoft Azure Cloud for Sustainability, MSM, Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager for ESG regulatory compliance and the integrations that are needed.
  • Product Configuration.
  • Product Customizing when needed.
  • Development of integrations to automate data ingestion.
  • User training.
  • Deployment of the solution.
  • Knowledge transfer and support services.

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