Nonprofit SharePoint Intranet: 4-6-Month Implementation

Ideal State

Ideal State’s experience combined with the capabilities of SharePoint Premium present an exciting opportunity to create a state-of-the-art SharePoint intranet.

Phase 1: Strategy & Planning:
Phase 1 involves project planning and kickoff, discovery, technology strategy, content planning, intranet governance and staffing, and intranet build and launch work plan.

The main deliverables for this phase are as follows: -The Discovery Findings Report will synthesize the insights from stakeholder interviews and focus groups, and the current digital workplace technology.
-The Intranet Strategy Brief will define the use cases, requirements, and technology approach for the new intranet.
-The Content Plan will outline the existing and new content to be included in the intranet, as well as the responsible content managers.
-The Governance Plan will establish the roles and responsibilities for intranet management, including system administration, content creation and management, end-user training and support, and continuous improvement.
-The Intranet Build & Launch Work Plan will provide a detailed timeline for the next phase of the project

Phase 2: Build & Launch Phase 2 involves UX and design, site build and testing, content migration, and change management.

The main deliverables for this phase are as follows: -The Site Map will represent the full intranet information architecture and navigation.
-The Design Specification will define how the intranet will reflect your brand and the standardized presentation of information.
-The Page and Content templates will support the implementation of the design specification and the content migration.
-The Site Build will use SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 or third-party apps to support the use cases and requirements.
-The intranet site will be tested for quality assurance and user acceptance before the official launch. The Change Management Plan will cover user engagement, communications, promotion, and training activities to ensure staff adoption of the new intranet

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