Augmented Analytics with Power BI: 2 Day Workshop

iLink Systems, Inc.

Learn about the Augmented Analytics capabilities of Power BI

In this workshop, we give an overview of AI in Power BI , discuss the various AI capabilities, their processes, architecture and demonstrate the same with a sample data.

We also explain how each part of our Augmented Analytics workshop can add value to your organization.

Why our customers prefer Augmented Analytics with Power BI

With this training, customers:

-Understand and leverage the AI/ML capabilities and connections in Power BI -Learn how these capabilities can add value to their organization


Day 1: -Automated Insights -AI Visuals (Key Influencers, Decomposition Tree) -Azure ML integration -Q&A

Day 2 -Enrichment with Cognitive Services -Automated ML (regression, binary prediction, classification) -Q&A

At a glance