Fabric 4-week Proof of Concept

iLink Systems, Inc.

4-week Proof of Concept to test and migrate existing workload to Microsoft Fabric

In the ever-increasing complex mesh of data sources required for your organization’s reporting and analytics needs, this PoC acts as a rapid experimentation bench to demonstrate the potential of modern reporting infrastructure leveraging OneLake and Power BI with Microsoft Fabric.

Project Phases:

A. Discovery and Prototype (1 week)

  1. Understand requirements, data sources
  2. Define a detailed PoC plan and Fabric architecture diagram, including integrations and mockups

B. Implementation (3 weeks)

  1. Creating data pipelines
  2. Building semantic model
  3. Data Visualization


  1. High performance reports
  2. Adherence to BI best practices
  3. Incorporate latest Power BI visuals
  4. One stop shop for your organization’s analytics needs
  5. Faster time to market

Duration: 4 weeks for a smaller complexity scope involving 1-3 data sources for one report and semantic model migration

At a glance