Power BI Dashboard Training: 3 Day Workshop

iLink Systems, Inc.

Learn how to gain important insights in real time with our instructor led advanced Power BI training.

Learn to gain important insights by transforming data into breakthroughs, solving business problems and monitor key performance indicators in real time with our instructor-led advanced Power BI training

The 3-day training addresses the advanced analytics features in Power BI to allow business intelligence professionals and specialists who want to analyze data, produce, manage and maintain Power BI reports for larger set of users and share insights across all levels of organization. This training on Power BI gives an end-to-end view of important metrics and key performance indicators through intuitive and interactive dashboards- all in real-time, in one place.

Why our customers choose Advance training:

Bridging the gap between knowing Power BI and delivering the enterprise level BI solution

Users develop a deeper understanding of how the advanced functions of Power BI can help in solving real business problems and can quickly get answers to all queries and address all the challenges by digging deep into the business data while being both constructive and creative.


Use DAX to solve metric problems

Data Modelling and Data shaping

Use advanced visuals

Perform advanced transformations on source data

Set-up, configure and use personal and enterprise data gateways

Govern Power BI use for large sets of users

Implement proper Power BI security features, including row level security

Segmentation & Cohort analysis

Advanced Data Visualization


The Prerequisites for the workshop are:

Basic Power BI understanding is necessary. You can go through our Power BI Dashboard in a Day Training: 1-Day Workshop to gain a basic understanding.

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