Risk App Implementation

Decision Inc Immix

Enterprise Risk Management

As part of your Risk Application deployment we;

  • Define the various categories for risks, controls and applicable business units the solution needs to support
  • Configure and deploy Workflow & Task logic: flow, steps, actions task assignment, review/approval, reminders, escalations
  • Setup structure of user permissions and access to content
  • Setup and configure Search

Risk Power App Key Functionality:

  • Risk Register with filter and search capability
  • Risk Calculator to rank risks based impact and likelihood
  • User roles and permissions to control access to risk register/s
  • Flexible Risk Categorization capability such as risk type, root cause, consequences, assigned controls
  • Task and Email templates for notifications of assigned risk actions
  • Risk review and publishing workflows
  • Risk Heatmap indicating number of risk per ranking based on impact and likelihood
  • App branding in line with client corporate identity

Final costs to be confirmed on completion of implementation requirements gathered.

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