D365 Customer Service Quick Start: 8-Wk Implement.

INFOAVAN Soluciones S.L.

Achieve a successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service in a matter of weeks through Avan 365 Quick Start's agile approach.

What is Avan 365 Quick Start Customer Service?


Avan 365 Quick start Customer Service is an agile approach to securely and efficiently deploy the Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution in a way that fits your organisation in weeks.

We will work with your teams to ensure alignment of your needs with the platform’s capabilities based on a “first adopt, then adapt” approach, ensuring the scalability of the solution and alignment with the product roadmap.


  • Fast go-live through an agile approach of first adopt and then adapt
  • Encourage adoption of the tool by end users through training workshops
  • Consultancy and advisory process, with the help of Customer service experts, to adapt the solution in the most optimal way possible to the needs of the company


  • end-to-end solution that enables you to deliver connected and consistent support across all channels
  • Manage cases through different queues efficiently.
  • centralises and automates the assignment of cases to specialised agents or teams by category, priority, etc.


  • Training materials from workshops
  • Dynamics 365 Customer service app implemented


  • The price of the service is based on the scope of the project

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