SAVIN360 Victim Notification: 1-Day Assessment

Information Strategies

Evaluate the SAVIN360 solution to help victim services agencies manage notifications and alerts when offenders are transferred or released.

InfoStrat developed the SAVIN360 Victim Notification System specifically for victim services agencies. State departments of correction and county jails must deploy a system for notifying victims, constituents, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders when an offender’s custody status changes.

SAVIN360 is built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) and SharePoint platforms which provides flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities, and powerful workflow features.

The one-day assessment takes you through an evaluation matrix to determine how the solution fits your victim notification programs. Our consultants provide you with access to SAVIN360 including sample data, registrations, and notifications.

We show you how to create registrations for victims, manage notifications through phone calls, emails, text messages, handle multiple languages, notification cancellations, and registrant data management.

The assessment includes the evaluation of a public portal for victims to register, check offender status, and maintain their notification preferences.

The InfoStrat consultant will explain the security qualifications of the Microsoft Government Cloud to show how they fulfill requirements for justice agencies responsible for victim notification.

You will learn how SAVIN360 uses Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Office 365, Power BI, and other integrated Microsoft products to support your victim notification activities.


  • Best practice recommendations for managing your victim notification programs in SAVIN360
  • Call center requirements review
  • Completed high level requirements matrix
  • Recommended notification configuration
  • Sample public portal
  • Sample training materials

The assessment will normally be conducted remotely via screen sharing and teleconferencing.

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