Intelligent Migration: Full Service Migration

Innovative Driven

Innovative Driven Intelligent Migration services capitalizes on the ability to surface greater insight into your data to execute a more efficient and lower-risk migration.

Are you tired of managing endless file shares, struggling to find the right document at the right time, and worrying about data security? It's time to consider migrating to Microsoft 365 and minimizing your data as part of the migration.

The traditional file share approach is outdated, inefficient, and leaves your organization vulnerable to security threats. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 provides a modern, secure, and collaborative platform that empowers your team to work smarter and more efficiently. By migrating your file share content to Microsoft 365, you'll be taking a bold step towards transforming your organization and unlocking its full potential. Don't wait any longer, make the switch to Microsoft 365 and future-proof your organization today.

Innovative Driven has the people, processes, and technology to take your organization from old, outdated, and clutter file shares to a modern secure platform with less risk and redundancy. Our experts have minimized and migrated Petabytes of information for organizations of all sizes.

By engaging Innovative Driven to Minimize, migrate and secure your data can expect:

Phase One

  • ID Data Experts will scan you unstructured data and analyze the results
  • Apply business rules (policies) to categorize the probability that data files can be deleted.
  • Leverage Business Intelligence capabilities to visualize the composition of your data footprint
  • Identify and migrate your most valuable data, leaving the rest behind
  • Apply general data classifications and tags

Phase Two Once the organization has used the results of the scans and analysis to complete minimization activities, ID Data Experts will:

  • Create migrations plans to migrate content to SharePoint and/or OneDrive per dataset
  • Complete Migration activities and provide audit logs for all migration activities

Innovation Driven also offers services for the following which are not included:0

  • Full-service data minimization including review of categorized data including departmental and user interviews
  • Deletion and/or quarantine activities
  • Information architecture activities in Microsoft 365

**Pricing per TB

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