Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop


Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop, delivered by certified Microsoft partner Inovasys, is a comprehensive three-phase engagement.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop is designed to help organizations assess their needs, explore possibilities, and build a tailored plan for implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365. This workshop leverages Inovasys's technical and business expertise to guide participants through their Copilot journey, ensuring a seamless integration and maximum value from Microsoft 365's AI capabilities.

Workshop Phases:

1- Assess

  • Define scope and identify business stakeholders.
  • Gather information on key business scenarios.
  • Complete and review readiness assessment and guidance.

2- Art of the Possible

  • Showcase the intelligence added to employee experiences by unleashing creativity, unlocking productivity, and leveling up skills.
  • Optionally, explore extensions to personas and scenarios with Copilot Studio, Copilot for Sales, and Copilot for Service.

3- Build the Plan

  • Develop a plan to implement recommendations based on prioritized scenarios.
  • Define next steps and a timeline for developing and implementing the solution.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Implementation Framework: Learn about the new Copilot for Microsoft 365 Implementation framework.
  • Creativity and Productivity: Discover how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and enhance skills with natural language and AI capabilities.
  • Seamless Experience: Understand how Copilot integrates with Teams Premium and other Microsoft 365 apps for a seamless and intelligent user experience.
  • Extended Capabilities: Explore how Copilot can be extended with plugins to access line-of-business data and applications.
  • Prioritization and Use Cases: Identify and prioritize use case scenarios and personas that can benefit from Copilot for Microsoft 365.
  • Value-Added Scenarios: Investigate opportunities for enhanced scenarios enabled by Copilot Studio, Copilot for Service, and Copilot for Sales.
  • Actionable Roadmap: Develop a clear roadmap and next steps to pilot and deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365 in your organization.
  • Resources and Support: Gain access to resources, best practices, and community support to ensure successful implementation.

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Inovasys.

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