Workplace Analytics Services: 4 week assessment


Discover your organization’s collaboration patterns, get analysis and actionable insights, and identify the biggest opportunity areas and how to tackle them

Microsoft Workplace Analytics gives your organization a way to measure the day-to-day actions of your end users that drive business outcomes. Get started with a partner who can help you navigate the platform and drive results. Our Collaboration Assessment is a great place to begin your journey with Workplace Analytics. The assessment provides:

  • Discovery of your organization’s collaboration patterns
  • Insights on meeting culture, manager effectiveness and employee engagement
  • Identification of biggest areas of opportunity with an actionable plan for addressing them
  • Two-day Workplace Analytics Academy analyst essentials training

Deliverables include a report out of findings and recommendations and Workplace Analytics Academy

Assessment benefits include: • Discover your organization’s collaboration patterns. • Get analysis and actionable insights across three common business outcomes. • Identify the biggest opportunity areas and how to tackle them.

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