Secure Collaboration: 4-Wk Implementation


Easily and securely sharing the right information with the right people is critical to your organization’s success.

With Intellinet’s Secure Collaboration Implementation, we’ll help ensure your organization can protect regulated and sensitive information, while allowing access for the appropriate people both inside and outside of your organization. During this engagement, we work with your team to select a department or business unit within your organization, identify information to properly classify, and define who and how those people can see it. This solution leverages several facets of Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance Suite and integrates it into Microsoft Teams and/or SharePoint.

Approach & Deliverables:

  • Baseline compliance and secure score report
  • Data discovery and classification workshops
  • Definition of use cases and collaboration scenarios
  • Implementation of secure collaboration framework
  • Validation and quality assurance of use cases
  • Go-live and communications
  • Post-engagement compliance and secure score report

Benefits & Outcomes: At the end of this engagement, you will have implemented the applicable features of the Microsoft E5 Compliance Suite for your business unit. You will then be able to roll out these capabilities to other business units, resulting in a more secure and compliant collaboration environment. Once you are leveraging these technologies, you will have a solid architecture to continue to scale your security framework in conjunction with your collaboration needs.

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