Better together: Microsoft Fabric and Azure Databricks - 3-Week PoC

Inviso Corporation

Skip the learning curve by collaborating with a Microsoft Fabric Featured Partner! Utilize Inviso’s professional services to quickly unlock the full scope of Microsoft Fabric’s capabilities.

This offer is designed for Azure Databricks customers who want to enhance their infrastructure with Microsoft Fabric.

Our Fabric experts can help you enhance your Databricks infrastructure for “citizen developers”, enabling robust real-time reporting capabilities, prompt engineering through Copilot, and deeper integration across data science, data warehousing, and reporting workloads. All this without moving your data as we’ll leverage Fabric shortcuts!

In three weeks, we’ll deliver a fully functional, optimized solution to surface your analytics data within Fabric.

This offering also includes a free Getting Started 1-Day Assessment to determine scope, timeline, and a fixed price estimate of your project.

What's covered

  • The engagement begins with an envisioning session to define an initial value-add use case.
  • Weeks 1-2: Set up and configure components, then implement the use case.
  • Week 3: Complete technical documentation and host two supporting workshops: 1) Fabric technical training based on your implementation. 2) Governance and administrative best practices.


At the conclusion of the engagement you will receive the following:

  • Fabric fully set up, configured, and optimized for your environment.
  • Final design, development, and deployment of an end-to-end use case with Fabric.
  • Design and deployment of a Power BI report.
  • Documentation and training workshops.
  • Future roadmap with an estimate of time and effort to achieve your Fabric goals.


Inviso personnel must be able to access your corporate data and must be granted an Office 365 account to deploy and configure the required Microsoft Fabric services.

Our Expertise

We concentrate on Microsoft-based technologies and like to leverage the latest and greatest Azure-based tools and services. We leverage existing tools such as the Microsoft Power Platform suite to deliver low/no-code solutions. When existing tools don’t meet your needs, we have expertise in the full Microsoft BI stack and are fluent in a wide variety of coding languages enabling us to deliver fully customized solutions. Please visit our website for more information:

Pricing: This offer is free for qualified customers. If deliverables are requested that require additional time, we will provide an estimate for the full effort as part of our initial free assessment. There may be additional charges if travel outside of the general Seattle area is involved.

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