Windows 365 : Proof of Concept

Inviso Corporation

Let us help you with a Microsoft Windows 365 Proof of Concept.

Windows 365: Proof of Concept Overview: Transform your workforce experience with Windows 365, a cutting-edge cloud-based computing solution. Empower your workforce to seamlessly access their personalized desktop environment from any device, anywhere, and at any time. Our Windows 365 Proof of Concept enables you to provide a consistent computing experience with enterprise-grade security, tailored to your specific requirements. Use Cases • Remote Workforce Enablement: Facilitating a seamless work experience for remote or distributed teams, enabling them to access their work environment from anywhere. • Flexible Scaling for Seasonal Demands: Allowing organizations to easily scale their workforce during peak seasons without the need for extensive hardware investments. • Secure Collaboration for Contractors and Partners: Enabling secure access for external contractors and partners, ensuring data security and privacy while fostering collaboration. Our Window 365 Proof of Concept is for a select group of users, to test out and understand the benefits of W365.

Final Deliverables • Network Deployment of Windows 365. • Cloud PC for up to 15 users • Insights & knowledge transfer for Windows 365. • Roadmap for full adoption of Windows 365

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