Microsoft 365 Licenses Optimization


The goal of Microsoft 365 licenses optimization assessment is to help organizations understand their current usage of Microsoft 365 licenses and identify opportunities to optimize their license usage.

This assessment can help organizations identify areas where they may be over-licensed or under-licensed, which can lead to cost savings and improved license compliance. During the assessment, a review is conducted of the organization's license entitlements, license assignments, and usage data. This information is then analyzed to identify areas where licenses can be better aligned with actual usage and to identify potential cost savings opportunities. The assessment may also include recommendations for best practices around license management and optimization. Overall, the goal of a Microsoft 365 licenses optimization assessment is to help organizations optimize their license usage, reduce costs, and improve compliance with licensing agreements.

A report from the Microsoft 365 license optimization process include various information, depending on the scope and purpose of the analysis. Below are some sample points that will be included in final report:

  1. A list of current Microsoft 365 licenses and their usage by company employees.
  2. Analysis of business needs and employee requirements to determine the optimal number and type of Microsoft 365 licenses for a given company.
  3. Assessment of the use of individual Microsoft 365 functionalities to determine which are most commonly used by employees and which are rarely or not used at all.
  4. Comparison of the costs of current Microsoft 365 licenses with the costs of optimal licenses proposed based on the analysis conducted.
  5. Analysis of changes in the organization that may affect licensing needs in the future (e.g., restructuring, team composition change).
  6. Recommendations for optimizing Microsoft 365 licenses, which may include recommendations to change the number and type of licenses, adjust the way individual functionalities are used, as well as advice on license management and monitoring their use.

The Microsoft 365 license optimization report is fully personalized and tailored to the needs of a specific company, so that the proposed solutions are as precise and effective as possible.

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