Plan your Digital Workplace: 5-Weeks Workshop

IT-Dev sp. z o.o.

Functional Roadmapping helps to design a roadmap for Digital Workplace. The roadmap allows the achievement of significant business benefits and boosts Microsoft 365 ROI.

In recent years nothing has changed as much as the way we work. Unfortunately, it is challenging to keep up with such rapid development. Organizations often don't use the full potential of their solutions.
Do you want to: Show employees the value of new solutions? Plan the work of teams at the highest level? Increase ROI and fully use the potential of Microsoft 365? Functional Roadmapping is for you!

How does this work?
We will work together during 3 sessions dedicated to: communication, collaboration and processes; with the security and compliance scenarios also covered. Each session consists of two parts: inspiration and discussion. The first part is about showing the possibilities of supporting business by various means offered by Microsoft 365. We present the vision of Digital Workplace, we show different functional areas and business scenarios. During the discussion part, we are discovering the possibility to address organizational challenges with Microsoft 365 services and solutions especially like VIVA (Connections, Insights, Topics, Learning), Teams, Yammer, SharePoint or Power Platform.


  • Week 1: 1st and 2nd value discovery sessions
  • Week 2: 3rd value discovery session & requirements survey distribution
  • Week 3: Requirements prioritization
  • Week 4: Requirements analysis and report creation
  • Week 5: Report validation and handoff

What do you get?
Functional Roadmapping helps to design delivery plan that takes into account the cost of application delivery, business value as well as the difficulty and complexity of the project. We will prepare a long-term roadmap for Digital Workplace platform implementation responding to the client’s business needs using Microsoft 365 applications and enabling a quick return on investment. Digital Workplace should be the focal point for the consumption of digital services such as communication, collaboration and business processes, while maintaining best practices and security standards.

At a glance