CIO on Demand: 1-Day Consulting Service

IT Partner LLC

Our CIO on Demand service provides an affordable way to inject some CIO leadership or coaching into businesses that cannot afford an expensive, full-time CIO.

Empower your business with our CIO on Demand service, leveraging the full spectrum of Microsoft 365 services for a seamless journey. Whether initiating or expanding your Microsoft 365 usage, our professional services provide expert guidance.

How We Leverage Microsoft 365:

  • Strategic alignment with Microsoft 365 capabilities
  • Utilization of Microsoft 365 audits and risk assessments
  • Integration of Microsoft 365 services in tech roadmaps
  • Enhanced collaboration through Microsoft 365 tools

IT Partner Responsibilities:

  • Streamline Microsoft 365 adoption
  • Align IT strategy with Microsoft 365
  • Optimize Microsoft 365 audits
  • Leverage Microsoft 365 services for risk assessments

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide dedicated contact for Microsoft 365 collaboration
  • Coordinate Microsoft 365 vendor resources
  • Ensure seamless access to Microsoft 365 infrastructure
  • Review and approve Microsoft 365-centric deliverables promptly

Outside the Scope (Additional Cost Items):

  • Migration to Microsoft 365
  • Deployment on Microsoft 365
  • Implementation of Microsoft 365 services
  • Microsoft 365 staff training

Embark on a transformative Microsoft 365 journey with IT Partner's expertise, driving strategic alignment and maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365 services.

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