Exchange Online - PST file Migration: 3-Days Consulting Service

IT Partner LLC

Migrate scattered .pst files to Exchange Online, ensuring easy access and eliminating the need for archiving to .pst files.

We perform an Outlook .pst file migration to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online). Importing .pst files to user mailboxes is one way to migrate your organization's email, tasks, calendars, and contacts to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services:

  • Two ways to import .pst files
  • IT Partner or Client export
  • Professional support for Microsoft 365 integration

IT Partner Responsibilities:

  • Hold kickoff meeting
  • Prepare .pst files for download
  • Create Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Start migration batch
  • Monitor and resolve migration issues

Client Responsibilities:

  • Export and collect .pst files
  • Provide dedicated point of contact
  • Configure network equipment
  • Assist with DNS changes

Additional Costs:

  • Customer team training (optional)
  • Desktop software settings
  • End-user support

Project Closeout:

Upon completion, we provide a project closeout report with final status, issues, and budget. Additional documentation available for a fee.


The plan varies based on your needs, including kickoff, setup, .pst file preparation, import, DNS changes, and post-migration tasks.

Success Criteria:

  • Users access Exchange Online seamlessly
  • .pst files content uploaded accurately
  • All necessary Transport rules created
  • Emails sent and received using Exchange Online
  • Exchange Online Protection configured and operational

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