Full Cutover Google Workspace to Office 365 migration: 7-Days Consulting Service

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Migrate G Suite (Google Apps) to Microsoft 365, transferring mailboxes, calendars, tasks, contacts, files, and documents seamlessly to Exchange Online and OneDrive.

Note that if you only need mailbox migration, you should order IMAP migration from G Suite to Microsoft 365.

This migration occurs with the help of a special utility, ensuring swift and error-free transfer of mail data, calendars, and other information.

Our objective is to provide a plan and design a way to migrate to Microsoft 365, including email, contacts, calendars, tasks, files, and data.

IT Partner responsibilities:

  • Gather and verify G Suite information
  • Configure Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Create and configure users, assign licenses
  • Create migration plan, start and control migration

Client responsibilities:

  • Coordinate resources and staff
  • Provide dedicated point of contact
  • Review and approve deliverables
  • Configure network equipment and perform DNS changes

Additional cost items not provided by the project:

  • Customer team training
  • Corporate documents migration to SharePoint Online
  • Desktop software settings


  • SharePoint Online and OneDrive file path length
  • File/folder name extension limitation

Upon completion, a project closeout report will be provided, indicating final project status, acceptance criteria, outstanding issues, and final budget.

This service offers a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to migrate to Microsoft 365, including email, contacts, calendars, tasks, files, and data.


  • Microsoft 365 tenant with Exchange Online licenses
  • Access to email domain DNS zone
  • Admin access to G Suite
  • Source: paid version of Google Drive
  • Destination: OneDrive for Business
  • Each user in the destination environment must be assigned to a SKU license that contains OneDrive for Business


  • Kickoff meeting
  • Pre-migration source system health check
  • User creation or AD connect tool configuration
  • Email and data migration start
  • MX record to a new Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Final email and data migration
  • Verification and fixing of issues, if any

Success criteria:

  • Users can access Exchange Online from any device
  • G Suite data successfully migrated and accessible
  • All necessary transport rules are working 
  • Mail can be sent and received using Exchange Online
  • Exchange Online Protection is configured and operational

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