Securing and Hardening your Office 365 Environment: 7-Days Consulting Service

IT Partner LLC

Certified engineers assess Microsoft 365 security, create a prioritized plan aligning with best practices for heightened security and risk reduction.


Wondering about the security of your Microsoft 365 organization? Stop wondering! IT Partner's certified engineers are here to help. We analyze your organization's security, aligning with Microsoft recommendations, to develop a plan that enhances security and reduces risks. With a commitment to Microsoft's cloud security vision, we aim to safeguard your competitive advantage by fortifying your data with enterprise-grade security. Our approach rests on three pillars:

  1. Updated and managed Windows 10 on your devices
  2. Correctly configured Microsoft 365 environment
  3. Enterprise Mobility + Security services


We strive to make your Microsoft 365 safe and secure.

IT Partner Offers:

  • Service-level security review
  • Secure Score improvement
  • Anti-malware, patching, and configuration management
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Customer controls for security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Customer controls for privacy

Client Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate resources and staff schedules
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact
  • Offer necessary information for statement of work preparation
  • Provide required service accounts with necessary rights
  • Coordinate external vendor resources and schedules
  • Configure network equipment
  • Review and approve deliverables promptly
  • Request and approve change management tickets (if available)

Additional Considerations:

Additional services like customer team training available. Upon project completion, a detailed closeout report is provided, indicating the final project status, acceptance criteria, any outstanding issues, and the final budget. Extended documentation is available at an extra fee.


  • Must have: A Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Recommended: Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise licenses
  • Recommended: EM+S subscription


Varied plan tailored to your needs, covering kickoff, security requirements research, Microsoft 365 environment analysis, plan approval, implementation, post-implementation analysis, and a comprehensive report.


Your Microsoft 365 environment is safer and more secure.

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