Windows Autopilot: 3-Wk Initial Setup

IT Partner LLC

Implement Windows Autopilot for seamless device deployment, enabling automated, image-free Windows deployment to PCs worldwide, requiring minimal infrastructure.

Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based deployment technology in Windows 10, simplifying device setup, configuration, and repurposing with minimal infrastructure. Deploy worldwide without physical presence.

Deployment benefits include customized first boot experiences, automatic enrollment in Microsoft Intune, and immediate application of policies, configurations, and apps.

IT Partner Responsibilities

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Create project plan
  • Communicate with hardware provider
  • Configure Autopilot profiles

Client Responsibilities

  • Coordinate resources
  • Provide access
  • Review deliverables
  • Unbox and connect new devices


  • Subscription with Azure AD
  • Rights to Azure portal and Intune
  • Supported Windows 10 version
  • Network configuration meeting Microsoft requirements

Additional Costs

  • Intune implementation
  • Local documents migration
  • Windows 10 upgrade
  • On-site presence (if requested)


  • Kickoff meeting
  • Project schedule review
  • Planning and development
  • Device deployment and monitoring

Success Criteria

  • Approved implementation plan
  • Configured Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Successful Autopilot device use
  • Post-implementation support started

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