GA4 Set-up and Integration with Power BI: 6-Wk Implementation

Jarmany Ltd

Migration to Google Analytics 4, as well as full delivery of a Power BI reporting solution, including integration of new GA4 property.

We'll manage your migration to the new Google Analytics 4 property, including transitioning your existing setting and backend infrastructure, ensuring reconciliation between the data sets, and identifying and explaining any nuances in the reporting.

We’ll then take care of the Extraction, Transform and Load processes to produce optimal reporting solutions, pulling in your GA4 data, and following key principles to ensure efficiency such as star schema modelling.

By leaving the data modelling and visualisation to the experts, you'll have more time to spend understanding your business' performance and making impactful business decisions.

We'll engage with business stakeholders to fully understand their needs, expectations and key KPIs so that we can best tailor our reports to provide the required key insights.


  • Migration to GA4, including reconciliation and back-end infrastructure work
  • Comprehensive data audit to understand key KPIs to track performance
  • Data ingestion and transformation
  • Data visualisation
  • Documentation and training
  • Knowledge transfer (if applicable)

*Project duration, cost and specific deliverables will vary depending on the number of data sources and the complexity of the required outputs.

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