Credit Card ACH Processing: 1-Hr Briefing


This is a overview of the OmniPay payment processing solution that is integrated directly in Dynamics 365. Find out how you can save 10%- 30% or more on your credit card and ACH processing fees.

JourneyTEAM has a new "Payments as a Platform" solution built directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. OmniPay is a PCI compliant payment processing solution built on the long-standing and proven platform - OmniFund.

Now fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers can seamlessly leverage the robust payment processing capabilities. These include their patent-pending process that enables merchants to be out of PCI scope and in PCI compliance.


By the end of this 1-hr briefing you will understand more about OmniPay for Dynamics 365:

  • We will do a deeper dive into your current fees and how much money you can save using OmniPay.
  • Learn about recurring/subscription management, electronic invoicing and an online bill payment portal
  • The pros and cons of physical and online statements
  • Level II and III card processing, and chip card/EMV HIPAA compliant
  • Employee controls that help your team to get tasks completed quickly
  • Secure customer vault and tokenized transactions

At a glance