Customer Journey Orchestration: 8-Wk Assessment

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

Respond to how customers interact with your organization in real-time, through the enablement of Customer Journey orchestration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

For over 25 years we have been helping businesses to use data to deliver marketing that matters: We can get the most out of your investments in Dynamics 365 Marketing by enabling the real-time omnichannel capability of the product. We are not just about the technology stack we deliver a project team of deep marketing technology enablement experts and platform specialists. The team works alongside you to understand your needs, match the technology capability and deliver tools to enable your teams to help your customers achieve more.

Week 1: Review of your customer journeys and understand how real-time marketing can be leveraged along the customer touchpoints.

Weeks 2-3: Map the target end-to-end customer journey experience and identify the interactions that exist across it. Utilize these maps to find solutions that improve customer retention, facilitate customer routing and maximize the value of customer interactions both organisationally and for the customer experience.

Week 4-8: Deploy the technology elements, configure the journey maps and enable rich technology integrations such as email, SMS and Push, and reporting supporting your journey maps.

Deliverables: •Roadmap of recommendations (Map customer Journeys/opportunities/gaps). •Deliver a Real-time enabled Dynamics 365 Marketing platform with initial customer journeys created •Enable reporting through PowerBI

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