Dynamics 365 F&O Security Assessment: 3-Weeks

KMicro Tech, Inc.

Ensure compliance and secure your Dynamics 365 F&O environment. KMicro's assessment ensures security best practices and safeguards against unauthorized access.

Dynamics 365 F&O Security Assessment

Is your Dynamics 365 F&O implementation secure?

Your Dynamics 365 F&O implementation houses your most sensitive financial and operational data. Over time, configurations change, regulatory requirements evolve, and settings may unintentionally drift. This can expose critical information to risks of unauthorized access, fraud, or disruption.

Why KMicro's Dynamics 365 F&O Security Assessment?

KMicro's tailored assessment will evaluate your Dynamics 365 F&O environment, ensuring security aligns with best practices and addresses your specific business needs. Our independent review will help you understand vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to safeguard your system.

What to Expect:

After a security requirements questionnaire, KMicro will assess:

  • User Access & Permissions
  • Data Security & Encryption
  • Audit & Compliance (industry-specific regulations if applicable)
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Customizations & Third-Party Integration
  • Environment & Instance Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management (Add-on)
  • Monitoring & Alerting (Add-on)
  • Financial Reporting Integrity (Add-on)

The assessment will be completed in 3-4 weeks for a fixed price of $10,000. Add-ons are extra.

Bonus Offer

Upgrade your Dynamics 365 security! For customers signing up within the next 60 days, KMicro will configure Microsoft Sentinel for advanced threat detection and alerting for an additional fee of only $2,500.

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