Microsoft 365 Security Assessment: 2 Week Assessment

Kontex Security Ltd

The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment will review your organization’s security posture across identity, devices, information, apps, and infrastructure.

The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment will consist of three phases which are designed to identify gaps in current security controls, identify and assess the key risks and propose effective mitigation measures in the organizational context. This will involve rapid capture of relevant information using a variety of sources and result in a consolidated view of the client’s current security posture. Some information will be requested in advance to help Kontex SMEs to challenge technical configurations.


▪ Stage 1: Information Gathering & Initial Meetings

Run the tailored script to gain an overview of the client's security posture. Meet with the relevant stakeholders if additional information is required to gain validation on findings. Consolidate results to verify results found in the initial script execution.

▪ Stage 2: Present Findings

Provide the associated stakeholders with the report findings on current security controls, identify key risks and clarify any discrepancies in the form of a summary and recommendations deck. Provide a detailed document with reference to the checks performed.

▪ Stage 3: Plan Remediation

Initiate a step-by-step plan to mitigate any findings that pose to be a threat to the client's security posture. If required, a future roadmap can be tailored to provide a future state remediation plan.


Microsoft 365 Security Pre-Questionnaire Microsoft 365 and AAD PowerShell Scripts & Manual Data Extraction Microsoft 365 Assessment Summary & Recommendations Presentation Microsoft 365 Assessment Detailed Findings Report

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