Assessment and Roadmap: Microsoft Security (Azure, Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Entra ID) 6-Week Engagement

Kudelski Security

This assessment defines and recommends steps to achieve your desired security state using your existing security solutions and capabilities.

Whether you use Microsoft for identity, email, storage, or running your critical applications, a secure Microsoft footprint is essential to a secure organization. During this assessment, Kudelski Security's (KS) Microsoft specialists will guide you through three phases to develop your Microsoft security roadmap:

  1. Current state assessment - map existing capabilities and configurations to best practice frameworks (e.g., CIS) as well as KS' proprietary measurements to understand your organization's security posture.

  2. Gap analysis - plot your organization's desired security state and compare to your current state to identify gaps.

  3. Recommendations - build a prioritized roadmap of actions and projects to achieve your desired state. Each recommendation estimates level of cost, actual cost, and seeks to use your existing security solutions (Microsoft E3/E5, 3rd party, native configurations, etc.) to achieve its objectives.

KS is experienced in assessing Microsoft 365, Azure, Active Directory, and Entra ID for secure configuration. KS will scope the assessment to fit your use case, prioritization, and budget.

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