Technology For Social Impact: 3-Wk Implementation

LAN Infotech, LLC

The implementation of unique and cost-efficient Modern Workplace solutions for Non-profit organizations to help with social impact efforts.

As the Nonprofit sector continues to grow in their social impact efforts, there is a critical need for modern technology to help drive these initiatives forward. NonProfits often have lack in expertise when it comes adopting modern technology, which can derail their plans for social impact! With our breadth of experience working in the Non-profit sector, LAN Infotech deeply understands how critical your efforts are for the community and because of this, we have created a unique offer to guide your adoption of modern workplace solutions. LAN Infotech will provide you the tools needed to promote a secure work environment while solving specific Nonprofit workplace needs such as collaboration with volunteers, donors, and board members. Technology for Social Impact (TSI) enables Nonprofits who may not have the resources to begin exploring their options in modern technology. LAN Infotech is committed to bridging this gap by offering them an opportunity to build out and implement a customized cloud strategy centered around the Microsoft 365 suite. Have access to remote file storage capabilities, comprehensive data security, preventative care, and more. Your entity is entirely different than a traditional corporate enterprise, it takes a slightly different approach led by a strategic initiative to successfully implement modern tools. We will make sure to carefully evaluate your budget and research creative ways, such as grants and Microsoft offers, to minimize IT expenses. This will allow you to invest more in programs that are evoking positive change for our communities. Please contact us to learn more and we are excited help you drive social impact with Modern Technology! Agenda: • Review of current technology assets and resources • Submission for industry specific discounts and promotions • License optimization discussion • Microsoft 365 implementation by our expert techniques • Adoption training and responsive support

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