LatentView Analytics Corporation - Supply Chain Dashboard

Latentview Analytics Corporation

LatentView Analytics Corporation - Supply Chain Dashboard

LatentView Analytics - Supply Chain Dashboard This Power BI supply chain dashboard is used to track metrics and KPIs for the supply chain on a single interface or display. Inventory levels, logistics planning, and warehouse activities are monitored using supply chain dashboards.This Includes the orders delivery, fill rate, on shelf availability based on the order status. Order Status is the most important slicer and Fill rate is the most important KPI in this Supply Chain Dashboard. With the integration of Power BI’s NLG feature, users can now do deep dive analysis, drill downs on-the-go.

Target Audience The efficient fulfillment of demand, superior customer value, improved organizational responsiveness, network resilience, and facilitation of financial success should be their top priorities for supply chain management.

Data Considered Syndicated data sourced from multiple customers & Brands is used here and this data is generally utilized by CPG business users to understand the fill rate of orders, order status by customers, plants, brands ,order line status ,on shelf availability and change calculations among others.

Business Problem - What is the problem we are trying to solve? Supply chain managers must make plans in advance to keep everything running well since the global supply chain must change to meet new demands and supply chain issues. Significant obstacles are created across the supply chain network as a result of a mix of rising consumer expectations, expanded market opportunities, complex international issues, and other elements.

Business Solution - How Power BI can solve this problem? With Power BI, LatentView has created a framework to do end-to-end analytics for the Supply Chain Dashboard use case. We have developed a report with drill down and deep dive enabled which can now enable Business users to get actionable insights on the go.

  • We can now help business users to understand “why the fill rate is low” and “what is the reason for rejection”, “Drill Down” and “Drill Through”. Brand managers can now do driver analysis on the go
  • With the integration of Smart Narrative, brand level summaries are generated dynamically for business managers
  • With Q&A, business users can now slice and dice the data from a national level and drill down to country, state, city and zip code levels without IT support Want to become a Power BI Partner?

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