Lighthouse Microsoft SharePoint Premium Proof of Concept: 10 Wk

Lighthouse Global

We deliver technology and workflow Proof of Concepts focused on use of Microsoft SharePoint Premium for information protection, information governance, legal, compliance, and eDiscovery use cases.

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint Premium to increase efficiency and accuracy in your security, legal, information governance/records management and compliance workflows starts by defining your key workflows and building out people and technology processes that support them.

Most Microsoft 365 deployments are primarily technology driven, with Lighthouse you get both technology and workflow focused Proof of Concepts informed by our extensive expertise across privacy, information governance/records management, security, legal, compliance and eDiscovery within the Microsoft 365 platform.

Take advantage of Microsoft 365 enterprise content and collaboration with confidence through the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint Premium to help automate security, compliance, and information governance/records management processes.

Key Client Benefits • Move forward with confidence that your SharePoint Premium-based solution will meet your organizational needs • Demonstrate proven success to secure buy in across stakeholder groups • Chart a clear path toward successful long-term implementation of your SharePoint Premium solution

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