CloudCompass Managed Service: 4 Week Briefing

Lighthouse Global

CloudCompass Membership Program (Info Governance, Compliance & eDiscovery Managed Service) A membership program designed to keep you ahead of change in the dynamic cloud computing landscape.

CloudCompass is an annual subscription designed to help Legal and Compliance teams manage change related to Microsoft 365 software updates that have impacts on eDiscovery and Information Governance programs. Every year thousands of updates are released, but only a small fraction has legal and compliance impact. For most companies, sorting through these updates to find relevant items and then testing them with subject matter experts in both tech and legal is not practical. However, the risk of not doing so, often feels prohibitive—and the benefit to having this information for both IT and legal is clear—in addition to limiting risk, it also ensures optimal workflows, and opportunities to increase feature adoption as software evolves reducing risk related to particular applications.  

 With CloudCompass, you will receive on-demand access to a live portal where our team of legal, compliance, and Microsoft product experts are regularly publishing assessments and testing results related to software updates that have legal and compliance impacts. The scope of these updates is broad including both those published on the official Microsoft Product Roadmap, as well as those that are un-published, but discovered by our team through our extensive daily work in the tools. For each update, the team reviews the change, the impacts, and conducts comprehensive testing to understand the exact details of how the change works, and how it may alter existing features. Then the change is assigned a rating and a recommendation, so organizations can better assess whether they need to take action, or not.

CloudCompass is an annual subscription model that consists of the three aspects: Access to our R2 portal where updates are reviewed, assessed, tested, & recommendations are put forth An annual assessment of your Microsoft 365 usage identifying opportunities, gaps, and providing a point in time assessment of legal, compliance, & ediscovery health 35 supplemental consulting hours

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