Improve new joiner experience: 10 day proof of concept


Challenges with your new joiner process?

Remember that time, when you joined a company and things didn’t go as smoothly as you wanted?

According to a recent article by Forbes nearly 9 out of 10 employees (88%) believe they’ve not had a good new joiner experience. Numerous studies have shown that the risk leaving is highest in the initial period of joining, and when the average cost of bringing a new team member onboard is estimated to be around $1400 it’s not something you want to get wrong.

In a world where McKinsley predicts that 90% of IT projects fail, be the successful 1 in 10 with our 10 day Dynamics HR Proof of concept.

We’ll take you through how to obtain the foundations for HR cloud scalability, and improve your new joiner experience, and processes, by migrating, and modernising your HR Business Systems to Dynamics 365. A step often releasing over x5 times your return on investment.

If you have HR process, and employee experience challenges, we have fixed price implementation services, and standard Microsoft Solutions to enable your success.

Say Hello to the team at Lightrise to improve your new starter experience today!

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